Clients appreciate the strategic advice we offer to help their continuing success, while also receiving the day-to-day help they may require for accounting issues, payroll, and other matters. They also appreciate our attention to detail and our commitment to building and maintaining longstanding relationships.

“The highest value I receive from Geffen Mesher is responsiveness and thoughtful answers, including follow-up on questions that have to be researched.”


The members of our agribusiness group enjoy diving into the many levels of our clients’ operations, plans and goals, while applying agile thinking and an understanding of how business is done. Our agribusiness clients are involved in everything from cattle ranching, to vineyards and wineries, to crop production, to ag lenders, to food processing and distribution. What they all share is the desire to partner with a CPA firm that goes to great lengths to address the nuances that affect their businesses and tax situations, and that speaks the many languages that go into making their operations run smoothly.

“I particularly need the assistance with tax planning and attention to the pitfalls that I head into…sometimes without realizing I’m headed that way.”


Geffen Mesher professionals regularly provide clients in the agribusiness industry with a variety of services, including:

  • Financial statement
  • Tax
  • Accounting software consulting
  • Operational consulting
  • Process improvement studies
  • Internal control evaluations
  • R&D tax credit studies
  • IC-DISCs
  • Agreed-upon procedures
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Inventory costing analysis
  • Technology planning and enhancements

What we’ve found is that our clients appreciate knowing the many ways we can serve and support their day-to-day needs, ongoing concerns and future aspirations.

“I appreciate the proactive thoughts and advice.”