Manufacturing, Distribution & Technology


Nearly 60 years ago, a Portland-area lawyer, and friend of Henry Blauer’s, asked Henry to structure a deal toward acquiring a local manufacturing firm that special­ized in chain and fencing material. One condition, according to Henry, was that once the deal was settled, he would handle the entity’s tax services. Six decades and three generations of leaders later, we continue to support their tax and auditing needs, from its emergent days with one facility in North Portland, to owning a string of U.S. and Canadian subsidiaries.

One of the company’s crowning achievements over time has been its ability to keep jobs in North America. Though its gross revenue eclipses $400 million annually, to the communities in which it operates, the company is a small, people-focused business that cares about doing things the right way.

Since the beginning, as competitors have looked for offshore solutions to help increase their bottom lines, the company has taken a different approach: putting resources toward creating and following a proactive tax plan that nets similar results. Working with them this entire time, we’re proud to have played a critical role in helping them maintain their ethos, integrity and vision, with an eye on growth.

Speaking Many Languages for Our Manufacturing, Distribution and Technology Clients

While there’s no textbook when it comes to supporting manufacturing clients with auditing, tax and advisory services, we have structured our services over time to reflect, address, and stay ahead of the global manufacturing landscape.

Consider, for instance, that today’s forest products industry has as much to do with sourcing and shipping through Asia as it does with harvesting products in the Pacific Northwest, or that software and high tech manufacturing can be so nebulous that the end consumers can barely conceptualize all the parts that go into building the palm-sized screen that rests in their hand.

The members of our manufacturing, distribution and technology industry group enjoy diving into the many levels of our clients’ operations, plans and goals, while applying agile thinking, and an understanding of how business is done both here and abroad. We serve manufacturing clients whose operations take place around the globe, with gross revenues ranging from $5 million to $250 million. They are involved in everything from producing and shipping finished products and technology tools, to building the infrastruc­ture that will support next generation energy solutions and medical equipment. Some are working toward becoming the leaders in their industry, while others are maximizing the value of their company in an acquisition scenario. What they share is the desire to partner with a CPA firm that goes to great lengths to address the nuances that affect their businesses and tax situations – one that speaks the many languages that go into making their operations run smoothly.

“We maximize the strengths and knowledge base of our people to help ensure that we hit all the marks along our clients business cycle, whether they’re starting up, working on succession, mergers, acquisitions, or building for their next 100 years.” Dan O’Leary, Shareholder

The same results across time zones and locations

Each engagement we enter provides an opportunity to specialize and maximize the full capabilities of our services, people, and global contacts. Working with us, our clients quickly discover a diverse range of cross-over skills that benefit them, including international taxation, succession, estate planning, compliance auditing and much more. In addition, our clients also discover the full range of specific industry knowledge our people bring to the table.

We refine our manufacturing, distribution and technology industry group to specialized engagement teams, and take internal steps to create communication channels that cycle back through the entire team, ensuring that we are constantly creating new levels of expertise and awareness among our team members.

Perhaps most importantly in today’s business world, we are a member firm of DFK International, an organization whose reach provides us with more than 214 partner firms in nearly every corner of the world. The benefits of this approach are paramount: while we work to address the local, regional and national concerns of our clients, we are also executing plans with a persistent international focus, meeting today’s mandates, opening new channels, and building bridges that benefit each client’s viability and strategic needs.

“Whether they’re doing business in Asia pacific, or need us to answer a pressing auditing concern back home, they come to see us as a true partner who has their global needs and daily concerns in mind.” Raymond C. Cheung, Shareholder

The many shapes of success

Our work requires constant engagement with our clients, not simply being available once a year. At the heart of what we do exists the collective belief that consistent rela­tionships, coupled with experience and expertise, help drive successful results.

Sometimes, this success is about staying the course with a client for 50+ years. Other times, it’s about setting up the internal structures that clear the road for acquisition or succession.

Our clients appreciate knowing the many ways we can serve and support their day-to-day needs, ongoing concerns and future aspirations.

One way we support our clients is by holding regular meetings with them at different times of the year. This level of discourse is more than just a casual check in. It’s a way for us to give clients the opportunity to voice concerns, and gives us a chance to ask prevailing questions and apply a litmus test that measures their continued momentum and financial health.

“Advances in technology allow us to serve clients more timely now than five or ten years ago. They appreciate our capabilities, responsiveness, and the way we take ownership of the process. We go to great lengths to be actively involved in their success, however they define it.” Graham Petersen, Shareholder

Business in the new world

Is it possible to partner with a “local firm” that isn’t necessarily in your backyard? We believe it is, as do the manufacturing, distribution and technology clients we currently serve. Just as their operations take them around the world and back, we go with them, supporting the many challenges and unique opportunities that arise in their specific industry. Whether dealing with tax, auditing, consulting or international concerns, we build trust through sound results, then maintain that trust by staying engaged and committed to their long-term objectives.