Professional Services

Serving Businesses that Serve Others

Our professional services industry group covers the needs of our most diverse set of clients and business types, from national law firms, to small dental practices, financial advisors, creative agencies, architecture firms, and even some of Portland’s most popular restaurants. What they share is a basic tenet of wanting to provide their clients, customers, patients and patrons with a level of services that builds trust, goodwill, strong referrals and long-standing relationships. When they partner with Geffen Mesher for tax, auditing and advisory services, they see we follow the same path.

The needs vary as much as the businesses themselves do. A key component to the Geffen Mesher process lies in the fact that our people know the language across multiple business types and industries, and are experts at solving the critical tax, auditing, compliance and planning needs that affect each of them.

We focus on staying ahead of industry trends, changes to tax code, key dates and filing deadlines, and support clients over a broad spectrum of needs, from bank covenants to share pricing, cash flow, cost-of-goods, accounts receivable and more. Our more than 100 service-based clients are scattered throughout the Northwest, with gross revenues ranging from $1 million to $100 million. In working with them for years and decades, we continue to apply the oversight, direct services and advising they need to address concerns that support them through normal business cycles, mergers, relocations, new ventures, retirement planning and more.

“You run into some interesting challenges with service-based clients, especially when you consider how diverse their businesses are. Whether we’re working on the compliance, tax or planning side, we love any opportunity to work closely with owners and management groups in order to serve them at the highest level.” Dave Adams, Shareholder

Diversity of need and people

A one-person law practice operating from a home office in the West Hills may not earn the gross revenue of Portland’s larger downtown firms, but an end-of-year net of more than $500,000 presents ample reason to plan smartly for everything from tax time to retirement. Likewise, in a restaurant, concerns such as payroll, tips and inventory are directly tied to day-to-day operations, and, if not handled correctly, can leave a restaurant open to everything from IRS exposure to employee discontent.

These are just two examples of how our work within the professional services industry group can vary, and calls for us to tune in and be available to what each respective industry demands, along with what each owner and management group needs.

When working directly with business owners and management groups, they soon discover that one of our greatest assets is our ability to move with them, and to stay ahead of changes they face.

“Clients definitely won’t find a cookie cutter or one-size-fits-all approach with us. And that’s true across the spectrum, because no two law firms, dental offices or restaurants are the same. Each client receives the respect, insight, and diligence they need. They’re working toward a unique vision, and it’s our job to get them there.” Michael Lortz, Shareholder

Well-rounded services and solutions

Throughout our history, we have always prided ourselves on building lasting relationships, while also being aware that, in the eyes of our clients, we are as good as the most recent service or piece of tax advice we provided.

In much the same way, our clients are also judged daily by the people they serve, from how they treat them, to the quality of their services.

By putting the right amount of time in on the front and back ends of each client’s business, we get to know everything about their operations and their culture, from what systems they have in place, to their personal growth goals.

When you examine the work of law firms, dental practices, wealth managers, restaurants, architects, creative firms and others, you see that their services boil down to a direct interaction with the end user. Sometimes, it’s a person enjoying a special meal. Other times, it’s a mother watching the dentist fill her child’s first cavity. Everything reflects back to the owner and the business’s reputation.

Our work is designed to protect this reputation by proactively making sure our clients’ businesses are running smoothly, planning correctly, addressing compliance issues, protecting against fraud, and building toward their vision of success.

“When you’re out for a special dinner, you don’t just judge the food. You’re looking around at everything: the décor, the friendly staff, how quickly the meal comes out…you’re taking in the whole experience. We’re the same way with our clients. We’re not just looking at their receipts. We look into the very core of their businesses and make sure they move in the right direction.” Doug Lovett, Shareholder

Consistency through change

Business owners and management groups continue to appreciate our ability to adapt, grow, and tailor our services around their true needs. Some clients have very capable tax staff in-house, and call upon Geffen Mesher to support their higher level planning and estate needs. Others find themselves in situations where they need greater systematic oversight in order to mitigate risks ranging from compliance to end-of-year planning.

Across the board, our clients come to appreciate the fact that we are both consistent and flexible, and that no matter where they’re at in their business cycle, they know exactly whom to call when they need us, even if the nature of their calls change daily.