Real Estate

Moving When You Move


In January of 1981, when Stan Geffen and Arlie Hutchens arrived at Jerry’s central Oregon home, there were no papers on the table. Instead, they talked over the breakfast that Jerry’s wife, Connie, served: eggs and waffles, country sausage, fresh fruit, and coffee, complete with enough room to encourage the free flow of ideas.

After 20 years of working for other real estate companies, Jerry was about to set out on his own. He’d built up the capital and connections he needed, and was looking to add expert tax strategists who could support the way he wanted to do business during what he called “the next phase.”

That morning, Jerry presented a plan filled with “next phases.” It started with developing nearby residential properties, spanned out into buying and managing ranches, jutted into parts of Washington and Idaho where he knew the markets, swung down to Nevada, and came back home to Oregon’s high desert. He looked across at Stan and Arlie and asked if they could keep up. They nodded. He kept talking about wanting to create a thriving commercial district in the heart of town that would one day serve as a center for locals and tourists alike. Stan and Arlie nodded again. Today, more than 30 years after a handshake agreement over homemade waffles, we continue to support Jerry’s “next phases.” And we still make time for breakfast.

Built to Change and Built to Last

Even firms with diverse, expansive portfolios felt the impact of the economic downturn of 2008. For many, it was a stark reminder that the best way to succeed is to remain open and ready for changes, economic fluctuations, and the many intangibles that affect everything from day-to-day operations to investor relationships.

Today, our tax and accounting professionals help serve real estate clients throughout the western states, from single entrepreneurs to firms of 100-plus people. We provide the tax planning, compliance, and consulting services they need to achieve stability, consistency and successful outcomes, whether they’re looking to plan, grow, sell, merge or consolidate.

“The real estate industry poses many great challenges. We see each challenge as an opportunity to bring together our team’s full range of skills, and combine them in a way that produces greater results for clients. We’re either solving a client’s challenge on the auditing side, trying to identify opportunities on the tax side, or doing both at the same time.” Michael Lortz, Shareholder

Moving when you move

Real estate professionals, including developers, lessors and property managers, often move around in the industry, trying to stay ahead of what can sometimes feel like a never-ending target. Today’s developer is tomorrow’s investor, while yesterday’s builder is now managing large development projects and loan pools.

Real estate professionals see the potential in every possible deal, transaction, and shift, and understand that the longer they stay in the business, the more necessary it becomes to diversify. They do themselves a service when they add us to their business advisory team.

We know the critical needs and mandatory dates that matter to our clients, and we work to deliver results beyond their expectations. Getting beyond the tax, auditing and planning ends of the spectrum, our clients point to our versatility as one of our greatest strengths.

For some, this flexibility translates into knowing how to handle excess revenue, or adapting to a sudden change in a business’s core focus, or preparing them for acquisition and succession, and serving as a liaison that communicates directly to client-approved third parties on their behalf.

Over time, we have worked with firms and investors that are looking for ways to maximize their returns, identify new strategic partners, meet compliance issues, find strong referrals, coordinate feasibility studies, and keep an eye on the bottom line.

“Everyone wants to find ways to maximize their returns. We seek to identify the right partner firms to serve our clients. That way, when they have a question, or find themselves moving through the industry, we’re able to point them in the right direction.” John Lorenz, Shareholder

Relationships, responsiveness, and proactive thinking

Today’s economic climate has bred competition where it did not previously exist. And while challenges vary, a number of common threads connect our clients’ needs, including timeliness, precision, forecasting, and creativity.

The shareholders, senior managers and staff on our real estate team share a passion for the industry that transcends the numbers, and gets to the core of dealing both with people and the process of putting a successful deal in place, then seeing that deal through to fruition.

Our choice to service and support real estate clients also has much to do with our desire to play a part in creating the framework for a stronger economy. Real estate is a foun­dational aspect to the nation’s greater economic viability, and is uniquely tied to the American Dream. Having been around for as long as we have, we know what that means to our local economy as well as its affect on communities throughout the country.

“Our clients appreciate our responsiveness. That’s true in every industry group, and especially in one where change is as prevalent as it is in real estate.” Graham Petersen, Shareholder

In addressing the business needs of real estate profes­sionals and investors, we also support their personal goals, such as estate planning. These additional layers of service are part and parcel to our ongoing commitment to serve clients – fulfilling their individual needs that often run parallel to their business’s requirements.

When our real estate clients need answers, we are just a phone call away, whether those answers have to do with daily operations, estate planning, or anything else.

Our clients have come to realize the importance of having a long-term relationship with trusted advisors who understand their financial picture and goals. We change as they change, align our people with theirs, and maintain a balanced, thoughtful and consistent approach that goes well beyond compliance, and gets to the heart of why they’re in business to begin with.

“From the first meeting to a meeting 10, 20, even 50 years later, they see that we’ve grown with them, matched our people to theirs, and have continued to care about maintaining our relationship for the next 10, 20 and 50 years.” Stan Geffen, Shareholder