College Recruiting

If you're in college and interested in becoming a CPA, we want to hear from you!

Our goal is to set you on the right path - whether you're hired as an intern or as a full-time staff member. We offer job shadowing and mentoring to help you shape a successful career path, and tons of networking and professional development. We are not departmentalized so you can let go of the stress of trying to decide which direction to head in before you even start working! What's more, our intern program will give you ample experience in both tax and audit, and as a first-year staff you will work 50% with each discipline before choosing a direction.

As an intern you will actually work on real work. We don't put you in a back room somewhere and forget about you. We work with you as you work through preparing financial statements, tax returns and research projects. You will see and learn the big picture.

Once hired as a full-time employee, the benefits start rolling in. You are matched with an Advisor to ensure you receive an even split between tax and audit work, who will also guide you with your career development. We want to make sure you are set up with a career you'll love.

Among other things, as a full-time employee we offer a generous paid time off (PTO) plan, CPA course review discounts for Becker, Rogers and Surgent Kolar, $3,000 bonus for passing the CPA exam within 18 months of your eligibility date, plus all of our other competitive benefits!

If you read the "Join Our Team" section, you'll already know we have an open-door policy and that our entire leadership team is friendly and approachable. They were once where you are today and they want to help you succeed!

Some of the qualities we look for in our candidates:

  • 3.25 GPA or higher
  • Interest in CPA as a career
  • Strong interest in local or mid-sized firms
  • Good working knowledge of office technology software
  • Demonstrate outstanding leadership, organization and communication skills
  • Enjoy working in a team and collaborating with others on your work
  • Enthusiasm, motivation and a strong sense of pride in your work product
  • Excellent client service

Important Dates to Remember

9/22/17 - Application deadline for University of Portland, George Fox and Linfield College

9/28/17 - OSCPA Career Showcase

9/29/17 - On Campus Interviews at University of Portland

10/6/17 - Application deadline for PSU, OSU, UO and WSU-V

10/6/17 - On Campus Interviews at Linfield College

10/11/17 - On Campus Interviews at George Fox University

10/12/17 - On Campus Interviews at WSU-V

10/13/17 - On Campus Interviews at PSU

10/16/17 - On Campus Interviews at OSU

10/17/17 - On Campus Interviews at UO

10/23 - 10/27 - GMCO In-Office Interviews

Don’t see your school? Submit your cover letter, resume and unofficial transcripts to Julie Brodell-Martin at by Sept. 29, 2017.