Advisory Services


Many CPA firms offer tax compliance and financial statement services, but few can help you grow your business, hold on to hard-earned profits, and plan for the future. Geffen Mesher zeroes in on specific operations that are intended to drive growth, support employees, and protect your company's financial assets.

“We earn our clients’ respect through the work we perform, the way we communicate, and the opportunities we help them take. We’re not a once-a-year type of firm. We’re constantly meeting and connecting with our clients. We want them to feel as if we’re right across the hall.” Mike Rompa, Shareholder

Here are a few of the ways we delve deeper into areas of concern for your business:

  • Operation Analysis. Sales are up but profits are down - what is going on?
  • Forensic Accounting. The average fraud costs a company over $140,000. Do you know how to protect your company from loss?
  • Information Systems. Do you have the right systems to provide management with critical and timely information?
  • International Business. Congratulations, you have expanded your business to overseas. Now what?
  • Research & Development. Congress wants to help you research and develop new products. Are you taking advantage of the incentives?
  • Mergers, Sales and Business Acquisitions. What are the options? How do we navigate our way through these complex transactions?
  • Litigation Support. A trusted financial advisor is an important member of your legal team.

Rely on Geffen Mesher's detailed approach to big picture thinking.