Family Office

Our Legacy

Our founding principles date back to the 1930s—fostering strong, lasting partnerships, building bonds with clients that stretch beyond the professional world, and maintaining a genuine concern for each client’s success. The professionals in our family office group understand that, when dealing with people and personalities, the promise to uphold your family’s principles is the very fabric on which trust is built. Even as services and needs expand and change, we stick with the principles that brought us here. We apply this same mindset in upholding your principles as well.

At the end of the day, our clients want results. Whether we’re working with high-net individuals, a regional manufacturer, or an international firm based in Beijing, they all rely on Geffen Mesher to produce tangible, real-world solutions that help them reach their goals and succeed in their ventures. The same is true for our family office clients.

When you choose Geffen Mesher, you are bringing a unique set of needs to the table, and are inviting us not just to look at them, but to prepare, plan, and produce results that make it easier for you to manage the needs of your family—and to ensure the story continues, even as fashions and tastes change.

The Four T's

1. Tact, Timing and Transparency

We build our services in order to produce the exact fit for which you’re searching, and we do so in a way that remains objective, time-sensitive, and open. Just as tailors work with the delicacy of fabric in order to create final form, we remain responsive and respectful to the relationship between family members and their unique needs.

  • Remaining respectful of the family dynamic
  • Knowing our role (never overstepping boundaries)
  • Being available to individual family members
  • Being mindful of the delicacy of interfamily relationships
  • Providing fast and accurate response to sudden needs, emergencies, etc.

2. Traditional Services, Modern Needs

Our family office team approaches our work in a way that is both systematic and personable. As any custom approach is built on creating something unique, we provide solutions that address your exact needs and wishes in the moment, and that change with you and the members of your family.

  • Mail processing
  • Bill payment
  • Cash management
  • Household payroll and reporting
  • Track company stock and stock options
  • Document and records management
  • Medical insurance claims
  • Monitor charitable contributions
  • Track and analyze family assets (including collectibles)

3. Tax and Accounting Support

In working with our family office group, you’ll also benefit from having a team of experienced tax planning professionals at your service as needed. Therefore, when the conversation moves beyond family office needs, and extends into taxation, we’re ready to go there with you whether you’re working with our tax experts or others.

  • Preparation of personal financial reports and statements
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Bookkeeping and accounting
  • Monitor tax basis and fair market valuations

4. Trusted Advisor, Liaison and Partner

With change comes new opportunities for families like yours. Working closely with you, we are prepared to take and lead important conversations when you need us to do so.

  • Coordinate with an investment management team to track investments and manage tax efficiency
  • Coordinate with legal counsel to establish and maintain charitable trusts and private foundations, including estate tax planning and compliance
  • Strategic planning, goal setting, and leading/coordinating special projects