International Services

The world we knew when Geffen Mesher first began serving local businesses and individuals in 1937 is vastly different than the one we know today. Even though we’re proud of the lineage and legacy of our firm, we continue to look forward into the ever-changing dynamics of a global business world in order to serve clients with services that support their efforts to expand, grow, and stay ahead.

Our agile, adept team of professionals understands the cutting edges of our industry, and can support you as you expand across borders and focus areas.

For some clients, conducting international business is simply another day at the office. We see this especially in the manufacturing, lumber, commodities, biotechnology and automotive sectors, where the sizes of businesses tend to be larger. However, we also see this with our smaller clients, from international law firms to new real estate ventures that include investors from different parts of the world.

One commonality our clients share is the awareness that, in order to succeed, they need business advisors that speak the many languages that make up the modern business reality.

“It’s quite possible that in the next 50 years, 50% of the growth of the global economy will come from China and India. Our job right now is to build the bridges and help our U.S. clients stay ahead of this trend, and take advantage of new possibilities.” Raymond Cheung, Shareholder

Geffen Mesher has taken very targeted steps to grow our international services, with a specific focus in Pan Asia and the Pacific Rim, where so many facets of the business world are taking place.

Working cross-culturally, we support our clients with matters related to international tax consulting and compliance, income tax treaty analysis, international tax modeling and structuring, international mergers and acquisitions, transfer pricing, host country liaisons and more.

In addition, Geffen Mesher is a member firm of DFK International, an organization whose reach provides us more than 214 member firms with 412 offices in 92 countries, meaning we have the capacity and capabilities to support your business wherever business takes you.

When you need a firm that speaks the many languages of business, count on Geffen Mesher.