Litigation Support

Throughout their careers, a number of our shareholders and senior managers have lent time to provide litigation support in cases that involve existing clients, serving as expert witnesses in front of juries and grand juries.

We’re there for you when a court case is at hand

Our aptitude for such procedures comes from years of experience in the field, as well as a critical understanding of our profession and the industries we serve.

“Our clients appreciate that we can provide a high level of litigation support. It puts their minds at ease knowing that we’re well equipped and prepared for juries and grand juries.” Dave Porter, Shareholder

We are trained and aware of what to expect during expert witness testimony. Our people have appeared in support of clients in cases involving fraud, civil suits, commercial disputes, employee theft, real estate transactions, evaluation of internal controls, determination of insured values, financial analysis of contractual obligations, measurement of damages, and more.

Count on Geffen Mesher’s support no matter where business issues take you.