Taxation Planning

In areas of taxation, Geffen Mesher’s approach is to help you take full advantage of opportunities that reduce your exposure on the local, state and federal side with planning that reflects your business and personal goals. 

A great deal of our planning goes into supporting businesses that have large investments tied up in inventory. Here, we work within the context of a client’s inventory accounting method, and will perform a best practice analysis in order to ensure an existing method is truly supporting a business’s tax picture. 

Beyond projections and analysis, we provide tax research, return preparation, multi-state and international planning and compliance, sales, use and excise tax consulting, and IRS, state and local representation. 

“For us, tax planning is like the fine motor skills of a business. You have to be nimble and swift. What really benefits our clients is the number of specialists we have at our disposal. With the way modern taxation is structured, it’s almost impossible for a single individual to know all of the ins and outs. Our approach is definitely more holistic, robust, and fine-tuned.” Doug Lovett, Shareholder

When working with individuals and families, we shift our focus toward ways they can increase deductions, split income among family members, structure their investments in a way that produces income that is tax exempt, and take full advantage of available tax credits. 

In building a team of experts across industry groups, client types and focus areas, Geffen Mesher is primed to apply our knowledge to creating a forward-thinking tax plan that changes as you change, whether you are concerned over personal assets, or focused on the shifting needs of your company. 

Choose Geffen Mesher as your team of expert tax planners.