Dealer Services

Our Dealer Services Perspectives eNewsletter provides timely and relevant business information for those in the dealer services industry.

In the July 21, 2016 Issue you will find:

  • You're Invited! 9/28/16 Northwest Dealership Seminar (David S. Porter, CPA, CFE, PI)
  • Too Much Paperwork? What You Can Throw Away After Filing (Douglas R. Lovett, CPA)
  • Strengthen the Weak Links in Your Cybersecurity Plan (Emily Bradford, CPA, CFE)
  • Green Tax Breaks for Individuals (Michael Lortz, CPA, LEED AP)
  • Geffen Mesher Welcomes New Chair of Tax Department
  • Geffen Mesher Promotes Three to Shareholder

In the November 13, 2015 Issue you will find:

  • Improving Your Accounting Department (Tania Gitch, CPA)
  • Tax Return Due Dates Changed in Highway Funding Bill (Preston Byrd, CPA)
  • Is Subprime Lending Right for Your Dealer Group? (Caleb Pilling, CPA, CFE)
  • The IRS and Cost Segregation Studies (Michael L. Lortz, CPA, LEED AP)
  • Detecting Fraud in Your Business (David S. Porter, CPA, CFE, PI)
  • Last-Minute Tax Savings: Hurry Before Time Runs Out
  • IRS Raises Tangible Property Expensing Threshold
  • Develop a Strong Hand to Negotiate Loan Covenants
  • Brace Your Business for Disaster Scams

In the July 30, 2015 issue you will find:

  • Warranty Parts Reimbursement - Higher Gross Profit (Preston Byrd, CPA)
  • Managing & Controlling Your Parts Department (Caleb Pilling, CPA, CFE)
  • Tax Tip: Interest Expense on Loan Secured by Residence (Tania Gitch, CPA)
  • Why Are Elderly People Targets of Financial Abuse? (David S. Porter, CPA, CFE, PI)
  • IRS Cracks Down on Tax ID Theft: Could You Be a Victim? (Earl Thomas)
  • Highway Trust Fund Extension Results in Tax Law Changes
  • 20 FAQs about Required Minimum Distributions
  • Ten Ways to Save Money on Insurance
  • The Challenges of Administering Family and Medical Leave
  • Maintain a Healthy Cash Flow

In the February 26, 2015 issue you will find:

  • Introducing our Newest Shareholder, Preston Byrd, CPA
  • Protect Your Company Against Fraud (David S. Porter, CPA, CFE, PI)
  • Fair Credit and Fair Gain (Preston Byrd, CPA)
  • RECAP: Auto Team America 2015 Forum and Summit (Preston Byrd, Tania Gitch, Dave Porter)
  • The IRS Simplifies Repair Regulations for Small Businesses
  • Employers Get Extension on Work Opportunity Tax Credit Paperwork
  • Help New Employees Reach Their Potential
  • How to Negotiate with Edgy Lenders