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Announcing Baleen Data: A Branded Division of Geffen Mesher

May 17, 2022

Geffen Mesher, an 89-year-old accounting and consulting firm, is excited to launch Baleen Data, a new branded division of the firm that helps businesses optimize their data to achieve their business goals.

Whales use their baleen to filter up to 1,500 gallons of ocean water per second to find nutrition. Similarly, Baleen Data helps businesses filter through their data to consume the valuable bits fueling the organization’s growth leveraging their data as a strategic asset.

“Businesses are drowning in data from a multitude of sources in a variety of formats. Today’s technology allows data to be retained perpetually which can leave organizations unclear how to prioritize or isolate critical information.” says Shawn Duffy, the Practice Lead at Baleen Data, “We filter through the continuous streams of data to extract the nourishment from the noise enabling our clients’ real-time decision making and advancing their business objectives.”

Besides the backing of an esteemed firm in the Pacific Northwest, Baleen Data is also unique in the depth of experience that Shawn brings to the division.

“We started working with Shawn as a client of Geffen Mesher five years ago and were impressed with the value his 23 years in data and consulting clearly brought to the table,” says Mike Rompa, CEO at Geffen Mesher, “It didn’t take long for us to realize how valuable his services would be to the rest of our clients.”

Baleen Data has started working with some of the iconic Northwest brands that have been clients of Geffen Mesher for decades. “While our roots are firmly planted in the Pacific Northwest,” Duffy says, “We plan to focus on businesses needing a trust-worthy solution all along the West Coast.”

Working in an industry where the technology platforms and business models of our clients can change rapidly, Geffen Mesher continues to innovate to maintain high-quality client services. Baleen Data as a branded division of Geffen Mesher contributes to our 89-year track record of excellence.

About Geffen Mesher – Geffen Mesher, a Portland-based accounting and consulting firm, focuses on providing ongoing financial strategy, accounting, and tax services for businesses and high-net-worth individuals. We serve many industries and create solutions that help our diverse clientele plan and build their financial pictures wisely.