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Geffen Mesher Wins Corporate Philanthropy Award

October 28, 2022

Last week of October at the Hilton Portland Downtown, Geffen Mesher was recognized in the top 10 most philanthropic medium-sized companies in Portland Business Journal’s annual Corporate Philanthropy Awards. While Geffen Mesher has received this recognition in the past from Portland Business Journal, this is the highest ranking achieved by the 89-year-old firm.

“The importance of giving back to the community is woven into the fabric of our firm and is something we have been doing since our early days,” explained CEO Mike Rompa. “Our professionals support more than 90 charitable organizations through serving on boards of directors, making charitable donations, and volunteering our time.”

The award was received on stage by Dave Adams, Shareholder and Assurance Department Chair at Geffen Mesher, and will be proudly displayed in the downtown Portland office. In attendance were also nonprofit partners of Geffen Mesher.

“For Geffen Mesher to receive this recognition on the cusp of launching their annual staff fundraising campaign for United Way is perfect,” said Nicole LaRose, Senior Manager of Corporate Partnerships with United Way. In 2021, the Geffen Mesher United Way campaign raised nearly $41,000 for local charities with 46% of Geffen Mesher staff contributing, up from 33% in 2020. This annual campaign along with paid Volunteer Time Off (VTO) and smaller campaigns throughout the year contributed to the firm clinching the #10 spot on 2022 Top Corporate Philanthropists List.

Beyond the recognition, Geffen Mesher is proud to continue the tradition of philanthropy upheld by Portland companies. “The most promising sign for us is seeing new companies on the list every year,” reflected CEO Mike Rompa, “Giving back is a meaningful way for any company to express gratitude to our community.”