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Geffen Mesher Announces Two New Shareholders

January 29, 2020

Geffen Mesher, a Portland-based accounting and financial consulting firm, has appointed two new shareholders to its leadership team, reinforcing the firm’s commitment as a forward-thinking pillar of the Portland community.

“Throughout their tenures at Geffen Mesher, Greg Malcolm and Troy Banker have established themselves as respected leaders, fierce client advocates, and perennial innovators. We are thrilled to welcome them into the Shareholder group,” said Michael Rompa, Chief Executive Officer at Geffen Mesher.

Malcolm and Banker had both held roles as senior managers within the firm. Malcolm, who was recruited to the firm after graduating from Oregon State University in 2008, was drawn to Geffen Mesher’s culture of camaraderie and mentorship.

“I remember being impressed and inspired by shareholders like John Lorenz, who always understood a client’s needs by reading between the lines in their questions and could also see the big picture beyond the work at hand. I was humbled as they took the time to teach and mentor me. Now I’m excited to help the next generation of accountants by honing their skills, demonstrating the value of their work, and acting as a champion for their growth,” said Malcolm, who primarily serves clients in the real estate and professional services industries.

Banker, who joined Geffen Mesher in 2013 after starting his career at a smaller CPA firm, is excited at the prospect of what he can bring to the table as a shareholder. With a Lean Six Sigma certification, Banker is an expert on implementing efficiencies in the workplace, reducing or eliminating redundancies, and developing a framework of company culture. He is eager to play a larger role in Geffen Mesher’s connection with the city of Portland. Banker also primarily serves the firm’s real estate and professional services clients.

“What I love about Geffen Mesher is our long-standing commitment to serving our greater Portland community. We don’t focus on large conglomerates or Fortune 500 companies; we primarily serve local, family-owned businesses and mid-market private companies here in our backyard. What most energizes me about becoming a shareholder is the greater impact I can have on my local community. I truly feel that I’m a part of something here in Portland,” noted Banker.

For both Malcolm and Banker, the promotion to shareholder is not only a welcome recognition of their continued efforts and success at the firm, but also a shift to more consultative interactions with their clients. With technological advances guiding the future of the accounting industry, this big-picture thinking will be pivotal for the firm’s positioning as a prominent business ally in Portland.

“These two are champions of client service,” remarked Rompa in his announcement speech to the firm. “Now more than ever, they will continue to shape the future of Geffen Mesher and of our community. We can’t wait to see what they do next.”