Who We Serve

Our core client base in the construction industry includes privately held commercial contractors, home builders, and specialty/trade contractors. Our construction clients have operations throughout the Western U.S., with gross revenues that range from $1 million to more than $900 million.

Constructive Thinking, Planning and Building

Every segment of the construction industry faces unique challenges and outcomes in the areas of taxation, assurance, and compliance. Whether working with large or small construction and contracting firms, we dig into our clients’ focus areas to address their questions and concerns related to every facet of their finances.

In supporting their efforts to build for the benefit of others, we help set their finances in order so they can stabilize, expand, and prepare for the next phase of their professional cycle.

Maintaining Industry Excellence

Internally, we seek collaboration across industry groups in order to stay ahead of changes, from those coming from the IRS, to the requirements and tax incentives of LEED certified building. Toward this end, Geffen Mesher is one of the only firms in the Pacific Northwest who has a shareholder who also holds LEED certification, a strategic decision that is just one example of our desire to truly understand the intricacies of today’s construction industry. This level of inquiry and expertise also supports our ability to build more connections for clients, from interfacing with architects to networking with developers.

Building for Tomorrow

For many of our construction clients, their business trajectory leads them toward mergers, acquisitions, and, after a successful run, succession planning. Many clients who initially bring us in for auditing retain us for decades to come, eventually engaging us in various levels of estate and family tax planning. In these cases, we rely on the years of experience we’ve shared with them as we help them transition through a life that is constantly being built.


"Our focus is on creating something for our clients, just as their focus is on creating structures and built environments for others. We love the minutia of it all, just as much as we love how a well-formed plan looks when it’s been followed, developed and delivered.”


Construction Organization Involvement