Real Estate

Who We Serve

Our core client base in the real estate industry includes developers, fund groups, lessors and property managers throughout the western states, from single entrepreneurs to firms of 100+ people.

Moving When You Move

Real estate professionals, including developers, lessors and property managers, often move around in the industry, trying to stay ahead of what can sometimes feel like a never-ending target. Today’s developer is tomorrow’s investor, while yesterday’s builder is now managing large development projects and loan pools.

Real estate professionals see the potential in every possible deal, transaction, and shift, and understand that the longer they stay in the business, the more necessary it becomes to diversify. They do themselves a service when they add us to their business advisory team.

Built to Change and Built to Last

Over the years of serving our real estate clients, we have observed that the clients who succeed are the ones who remain open and ready for change, economic fluctuations, and the many intangibles that affect everything from day-to-day operations to investor relationships. We provide the tax planning, compliance, and consulting services they need to achieve stability, consistency and successful outcomes, whether they’re looking to plan, grow, sell, merge or consolidate.

We know the critical needs and mandatory dates that matter to our clients, and we work to deliver results beyond their expectations. Our clients point to our versatility as one of our greatest strengths. For some, this flexibility translates into knowing how to handle excess revenue, or adapting to a sudden change in a business’s core focus, or preparing them for acquisition and succession, and serving as a liaison that communicates directly to client-approved third parties on their behalf.

Relationships, Responsiveness and Proactive Thinking

The shareholders, senior managers and staff on our real estate team share a passion for the industry that transcends the numbers, and gets to the core of dealing both with people and the process of putting a successful deal in place, then seeing that deal through to fruition.

In addressing the business needs of real estate professionals and investors, we also support their personal goals, such as estate planning. These additional layers of service are part of our ongoing commitment to serve clients – fulfilling their individual needs that often run parallel to their business’s requirements.

When our real estate clients need answers, we are just a phone call away, whether those answers have to do with daily operations, estate planning, or anything else.


Real Estate Organization Involvement