As a student, after taking a number of programming and computer-related classes, Brian switched gears and began applying his interests in logics and analytics to the world of accounting. “I’ve always had an analytical mind. In accounting, I saw an opportunity to work in the business world in a way that helped various businesses while also discovering how they run.” In completing the balancing act that modern accounting requires, Brian is also aware that, beyond the numbers, people seek to connect with those around them on personal levels. “It’s important to be approachable. I want my clients to think of me as a good listener and advisor, not just someone who knows numbers and forms.”

Working across industry groups, from manufacturing to professional services, Brian taps into his early curiosity of exploring the ways different businesses operate, how they’re structured, and the systems that support them over time. “For my manufacturing clients, for instance, we spend a lot of energy on their inventory. Flip that around to professional services, and our work often focuses on costs related to labor, which is one of their biggest concerns. You really have to be able to apply as broad a view as possible, while staying up-to-date on readings, trainings, and discussions related to each industry.”

Brian’s wife is also a CPA, and when not working they are busy raising two little future CPAs, one daughter and her little brother. When they take off on vacation they like to land somewhere tropical. If Brian has a free weekend, you might catch him at the lake as a novice fisherman.


Brian 擁有17年以上的稅務經驗,專精於製造、零售、科技、房地產及專業服務等行業,主要提供各類型公司稅務與高資產人士財產稅務規劃與諮詢及其他稅務法規的服務。

Professional Organizations


American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

美國註冊會計師協會 (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants)

Oregon Society of Certified Public Accountants

美國奧勒岡州註冊會計師公會 (Oregon Society of Certified Public Accountants)

Architecture Foundation of Oregon, Treasurer

Community Involvement

Toastmasters, Past President, Board Member


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Accounting, University of Portland, 2001, cum laude
Master of Business Administration, University of Portland, 2002
Certified Public Accountant, Oregon




美國波特蘭大學( University of Portland) 工商管理碩士及會計學學士學位


Key To Success

"It’s harder to go uphill than it is to go downhill, but the view is much better at the top."


專 長

C-corporation taxation

Multi-state tax compliance

S-corporation taxation

Partnership taxation

Income tax planning for high net worth individuals

股份有限公司 (C corporations & S corporations) 稅務申報與諮詢

合夥人公司 (Partnership) 稅務申報與諮詢