Estate Planning

Protecting Your Estate

The rules that affect estate planning are constantly in flux, seemingly changing every few years. Geffen Mesher takes on the responsibility of knowing the changes to rules, codes and regulations in order to protect the value of your estate over time.

Geffen Mesher has been advising and consulting in matters related to estates and wealth management for more than 85 years. When working through family dynamics, asset protection, wealth transfer and more, we understand what’s at stake for all parties, and what lies in the balance of each decision as it relates to your estate.

Therefore, we remain prepared to handle immediate and long-term needs while also empowering you with knowledge and awareness as to the effects new changes and laws will have on you and your heirs.

There should be no surprises where your estate planning is concerned. At Geffen Mesher, you receive answers and solutions.


“People like to think that with estate planning, the best news is no news. We like to keep in touch with our clients where their estates are concerned, especially when changes come all of a sudden. For the most part, our clients have a lot of people on their minds, and they appreciate knowing that we’ve got them on ours.”


Estate Planning Team