High Net Worth Individuals

Who We Serve

We work with some of the West Coast’s most successful business owners, company executives, prominent professionals and affluent individuals.

Why Geffen Mesher

Many of our individual clients have been working with Geffen Mesher for decades, first selecting us to handle the tax, accounting and auditing needs of what were then new or growing businesses.

We also serve individuals who have hired the firm more recently because of Geffen Mesher’s approach to handling their tax and accounting needs based on our experience, our aptitude, and our reputation for keeping the best interests of our clients at the heart of our decisions.

Proactive Planning and Preparation

We talk a great deal about our proactive services for businesses, and the same is true when we’re working on behalf of individuals and individual taxation, whether their concerns revolve around estates, deductions, asset management, new ventures, capital investments, endowments, gifts to private or public institutions, setting up trusts, investor relations and more.

No matter what the case, we’re often among the first people our clients call when they’re making a decision that will impact their financial picture. They know that the best way to mitigate risk and minimize exposure is to plan and proceed with a proactive vision. Our work helps ensure that their decisions will come back to support their ongoing financial success.

“It’s important for us to be able to answer any type of phone call or question, whether the person on the other line is calling from an executive office or their vacation home. Things come up all the time, and our clients appreciate knowing that we’re ready to help them.”


Let us put a proactive plan in place for you.