IC-DISC Export Incentive

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US companies producing products here in the US and exporting products abroad.

What is IC-DISC?

The Interest Charge – Domestic International Sales Corporation (or IC-DISC) is an old and almost forgotten export incentive regime that dates back to the 1970s. However, almost all US exporters may benefit from operating with an IC-DISC structure. In addition, companies can take advantage of this potential tax savings with little to no disruption in how they currently operate their business.

Broadly, the IC-DISC involves internal accounting and tracking of foreign sales and profitability, in addition to some movement of funds among the organization and its shareholders. Establishing an IC-DISC can also be fairly straightforward and completed with relatively minimal start-up and ongoing costs, providing a potentially quick return on investment.

Note that the use of an IC-DISC structure is not a listed or reportable transaction, nor is it considered a “tax shelter.” It is actually one of the last in a long history of Congressionally provided export incentives afforded to US companies for producing here in the US and exporting products abroad.

DFK International/USA

Perhaps most importantly in today’s business world, Geffen Mesher is a member firm of DFK International/USA, an organization whose reach provides us with more than 214 member firms with 412 offices in key cities throughout the United States in in 92 countries.

While we work to address the local, regional and national concerns of our clients, we are also executing plans with a persistent international focus, meeting today’s mandates, opening new channels, and building bridges that benefit each client’s viability and strategic needs.

When you need a firm that speaks the many languages of business, count on Geffen Mesher.


"In today's economy more and more companies are growing by expanding into markets outside the United States. Even smaller, closely held businesses are taking advantage of global markets and international customers. Unfortunately, many companies are not capitalizing on the tax incentives associated with growing their export sales."

Kyle Podd, Shareholder

IC-DISC Export Incentive Team